7.Capture Pictures

If some one annoyed you outdoor just capture image for him and let your family do they job.

Or you can use Hope Glasses HD Camera in order to capture images with high resolution during celebrating with your family and friends.

Ex: Some body hurt you, Your mobile stolen or  during your sister birth day.

8.Sound Recorder

At the lecture and need recording ! just switch on Hope Smart Glasses Recorder and it will do every thing for you.

Ex: Record lectures, save memos and record interesting events.

6.Electrical Devices Control

No need for more than 5 remote control's to control your home appliance.

all what you need to do just use hope glasses to control every electrical device support Infra red remote control. 

Ex: Television, Air Conditional, sound system and home automation system.


- You are lost !

- Need some help from your family or friends !.

  Just Use SOS service.

It send SMS And email to your family asking for help, consists of your current accurate Location at google maps and image form your environment and your current street address in text format.

Ex: Please Help i am lost in this location 7 Pyramids st Cairo Egypt and attached map above 

9.Application Store

Need more services just visit our app store, browse and download whatever you want from large category of free and paid applications

Ex: Skype call services, indoor signs recognizer, MP3 Player, and more ... .

3.Get my location

Some times want to know where are you !
Don't Ask any one just ask Amal Glasses and it will tells you your exact current location in voice message.

EX: Your are now at 7 pyramids st,Cairo Egypt.

Only 1500$

For Limited Time

Thanks for share.

Let your friends know

Be positive.

2.Currency recognition

Now Visually impaired people can buy alone what they want any time and be sure that they will pay and get the correct amount of cash.

Just put the bank note in front of Amal Glasses then it will tell you its value in voice message.

Ex: 1$ , 5$, ..., etch.

1.Upper Protection

Detecting high obstacles above the ground in order to replace (hand in front of the head technique). for more comfortable moving around the environment.

Ex: Stop you are facing high obstacles, Beeb Beeeeb, Beeeeeeb.

5.Current Time + pray time

No need for brailler watches or special watches design,

if you want to know the time just ask Amal Glass and it will tell you the exact time now.

Ex: Its now ten clock.

Want to know next pray time !
No need to ask another one just ask Hope Glasses and it will tell you the remaining time till next pray.

Ex: Next Pray Is Al Fager and remaining 6 hours and 30 min.

10.Language select

whatever was you language you can find it at our hope glasses menu because we support more than 7 languages and the novel feature that you can build your own language and save it from scratch to let Hope glasses talk with it later.

Ex: مرحبا , Hello,Hola,Merhaba ,Bonjour, etch.

Amal 1