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- Amal 1.
​- Custom Made Smart Glasses.

- Great collection of software modules developed for our smart glasses and tested from our experts and blind people.

About Our Company

We specialize in the service and repair of Grandfather, Grandmother, and Granddaughter smart glasses. No need to bring your smart glasses in, we will come to your home or office.

If you bought our smart glasses two years ago or more and want to get the latest version or want to upgrade your kids smart glasses to hope smart glasses its so easy we can replace the old versions with the latest version with small charge.

We Buy our old versions

What We Offer


- All of our products are guaranteed after leaving our factories until they reach the door of your house against delivery accidents.

- After receipt of the product we give you replacement warranty for a full year against manufacturing and assembly dificts,
- During cooled escrow get reduced up to 50% off defects Abuse

Repair and Services

MIH Systems Corporation. founded at 2010 small factory with a few workers and limited resources but it was a good start.

Now After years of hard work and Sincerity, we built our great factory and have re-sellers in many countries.